1. What really is AI for the Rest of Us?

It is a platform that connects like-minded people to talk about public health and how machine learning can be used to address challenges in healthcare. Our meet-ups aim to connect participants with industry thought leaders in Digital Health and AI, foster learning and encourage people to mentor each other.

2. Is this an online tool to meet people interested in healthcare and AI?

Yes and no. Yes, it is an online tool to connect with like-minded people. We are working on developing the functionality that will allow you to independently connect with a particular person. In addition, however, we do have in-person meet-ups where we invite guest speakers to start conversations  followed by break out sessions, independent discussions and networking. 

3. Do I have to be in healthcare or AI to engage with this community?

No. You only need to be interested in healthcare or AI to engage with this community.

4. When is the next AI for the Rest of Us’ meet up?

The team is working hard on putting together monthly sessions for you. Please check out our EVENTS page for more details.

5. How can I get engaged with this community?

You can get engaged by filling out this form.

6. Do I have to pay to be a member?

No. It is free.

7. Are you looking for team members and volunteers?

Yes, we are actively working to build our team. Please fill this form to express interest or email us at aifortherestofus@gmail.com